INTERSECT Network Security Summit 2023: Where Insight Meets Innovation

Jul 11, 2023
3 minutes

Modern Network Security Is Crucial

With digital transformation accelerating, protecting the modern network has never been more important. From connected enterprises, to the internet of things (IoT) and the critical infrastructures supporting the world, today’s network is the lifeline of the global organization. To keep pace, modern enterprises must turn to Zero Trust as the way forward, to see and secure users, apps and data anywhere — from headquarters to branch offices, from data centers to the cloud, as well as the mobile workforce.

With this in mind, Palo Alto Networks is proud to announce INTERSECT ‘23: Network Security Summit, a free 1-day virtual conference created for network security thought leaders and professionals.

The path to Zero Trust is not well understood. Cloud and network security professionals get frustrated because they don’t know where to start and don’t have a step-by-step roadmap to implement complete Zero Trust for their entire organization. In fact, getting to Zero Trust is nearly impossible without a consolidated security strategy or platform.

Announcing the INTERSECT Network Security Summit 2023

At INTERSECT ‘23, we’ll share our vision for the future of network security and how organizations can enable growth and innovation by securing new initiatives and digital transformation; reduce risk by defending against ever-evolving, ever-expanding threats; and embrace simplicity by driving efficiency and effectiveness through cybersecurity consolidation.

Security experts will share best practices for implementing foundational Zero Trust components, then dive into designing a Zero Trust architecture for hybrid workforce, hybrid cloud and IoT deployments. Attendees can listen in on keynotes, a fireside chat and best practice sessions from their peers and Palo Alto Networks thought leaders in security and IT. They will also have the opportunity to get hands-on experience in various workshops, diving deep into how to implement Zero Trust and gaining experience using hardware and software firewalls, security services, SASE and IoT deployments.

Best Practice Sessions

  • Build a Complete Zero Trust Foundation for Your Network Security
    • Learn how to secure your users and devices, accessing any app while protecting your organization from emerging threats and intelligently managing your network operations. Get a roadmap to implementing complete Zero Trust in a world where artificial intelligence is your ally.
  • Secure the Hybrid Workforce & Branch Offices with Complete Zero Trust
    • Learn how to secure your hybrid workforce while enabling the best end-user experience with ZTNA 2.0 and SD-WAN.
  • Secure the Hybrid Cloud with Complete Zero Trust
    • Learn how to intelligently secure your hybrid and multi-cloud environments with software firewalls, and protect your applications’ communications, interconnection and data transaction traffic from modern to sophisticated cyberthreats.
  • Secure Every Connected Device — from IT to OT — with Complete Zero Trust
    • Learn how to see and secure all your connected devices with our IoT/OT security solution, and hear from an expert industry analyst on the importance of IoT security, as a former CISO and OT practitioner.

Connect with us on a journey to achieve Zero Trust for your modern organization, where we share best practices, strategies and innovative new techniques to tackle these challenges.

Register now to improve your security strategies and accelerate your journey to Zero Trust.


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