Just Released and Ready for Download — Software Firewalls for Dummies

Sep 19, 2023
3 minutes

If you want to protect applications and workloads throughout today’s complex and interrelated environments, you need software firewalls. But, what exactly are they, and which kinds do you need for particular settings and use cases? You can better understand the extensive need and numerous use cases for virtual firewalls, container firewalls and managed cloud firewalls with our essential guide, “Software Firewalls for Dummies.”

With its easy-to-read format and comprehensive coverage of the topic, this book is meant for decision-makers, seasoned cloud operations professionals and security experts interested in safeguarding applications, data, intellectual property, innovation and competitiveness.

The Need for Software Firewalls Is Clear

Context is everything, and “Software Firewalls for Dummies” will help you recognize and understand why current trends and challenges call for software firewalls. This includes the growth of hybrid clouds and application portability, as well as security risks when those applications are deployed in cloud and virtualized environments. Plus, you’ll find out how software firewalls can help members of different technical teams with disparate areas of expertise cooperate and collaborate together for the common good.

By delivering the same robust capabilities as hardware-based next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), software firewalls can be deployed in numerous places critical to the modern enterprise: on-premises, public cloud, private cloud and branch environments. This provides security versatility that can help organizations in many ways:

  • Securing core applications born in the cloud, as well as those being transitioned from on-prem data centers to cloud environments.
  • Ensuring a consistent user experience and security for cloud-native SaaS services.
  • Safeguard virtualized datacenter infrastructure, hosting next-generation applications.
  • Protecting sensitive data and maintaining compliance in regulated industries, operating in software-defined branches.
  • Strengthening security for telco infrastructure, enabling more secure enterprise 5G services.

What’s more, you’ll learn how deploying software firewalls can bolster your Zero Trust strategy across a range of environments that today’s enterprises depend upon.

Learn About Different Kinds of Software Firewalls in Action

And, of course, you’ll learn about the specifics of particular kinds of software firewalls, including where and how they operate. You’ll learn how virtual firewalls provide critical application protection with cloud-agnostic network security, spanning virtualized environments from public and private clouds, to virtualized data centers and branch locations. You’ll discover how container firewalls provide application-level visibility using native Kubernetes context to protect container-based applications without compromising speed and agility. Plus, find out about managed cloud firewalls and how these services are tightly integrated into CSP environments, such as AWS and Azure.

Icons used in the "Software Firewalls for Dummies" book.
The familiar Dummies approach allows readers to easily digest information.

Five Short Chapters Walk You Through the Essentials

“Software Firewalls for Dummies” is an essential read for anyone looking to learn how to secure their enterprise's investments in cloud and virtualized environments. With comprehensive coverage of the topic and practical use cases in five short chapters, this book is meant to help you make informed decisions and implement effective security measures, so you can protect application traffic in all clouds and in any network with agility. Don't miss out on this invaluable resource, and download your copy today.

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