Why Digital Experience Management is a Must Have for SASE

Feb 16, 2021
4 minutes

We have seen a decade’s worth of acceleration in business and IT transformation in the past 12 months. Digital and work-from-anywhere have become new dominant realities. Businesses are now expected to deliver exceptional user experiences to their customers and employees, whether at work, home or on the go. This is driving the shift in digital experience management (DEM) to provide businesses insights and enhanced user experience.

Current Digital Experience Management is Not Up To Scale

With the shift to work-from-home, many organizations have seen an increase in the scale of remote work locations they need to support - for example, an enterprise with 100 branches may now have over 100,000 home offices to enable and protect. Additionally, with increasing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and hybrid cloud adoption, the traditional model of deploying monitoring tools in a data center where traffic is backhauled doesn’t scale. As enterprises use direct-to-app architectures for branch and mobile users, IT can find themselves flying blind, with limited visibility and control over what users are accessing. Organizations need tools and systems that can monitor, auto-alert, and auto-remediate problems for all applications in real-time and at scale. Current tools require additional hardware or software agents to be deployed across the user population, cannot enable auto-remediation, and rely on manual interventions - all of which don’t scale to the new digital and work-from-anywhere realities.

Introducing Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM)

Palo Alto Networks secure access service edge (SASE) solution is composed of Prisma Access, to help secure all users and applications, and CloudGenix SD-WAN, which enables secure cloud-delivered branch with the industry’s first next-generation SD-WAN. The powerful combination of Prisma Access and CloudGenix SD-WAN provides secure, high performance access to all applications for all users from anywhere.

Today, we are introducing Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) natively integrated into Prisma Access 2.0. With ADEM, you can monitor end user experience and provide segment-wise insights across the entire application delivery path. IT teams can determine whether issues with a user’s laptop is causing performance problems or poor WiFi signal strength, poor broadband WAN connectivity, middle mile Internet Service Provider (ISP) issues, cloud or data center connectivity or a SaaS provider issue. With unparalleled insights and the ability to proactively address issues, IT teams can hold their connectivity, SaaS and cloud providers accountable to their SLAs.

Palo Alto Networks’ Vision for Autonomous Infrastructure

Our vision doesn’t stop with visibility and insights - we now have the unique ability to provide self-healing infrastructure across the branch, home and mobile locations. CloudGenix SD-WAN uses a wealth of DEM data on application and network traffic to auto-correct application performance, steer around network bottlenecks and identify root-causes for issues where possible. Prisma Access ADEM capabilities incorporate synthetic traffic analysis for mobile users to benchmark baselines and continuously monitor network and applications. With the deep insights into app and network performance as well as SD-WAN and security solutions based on programmable APIs, we believe we can unlock the power of data science to auto-remediate operational issues that impact the digital experience of users. Much like self-driving vehicles are ushering in a new era in transportation, ADEM integrated with Palo Alto Networks SASE solution heralds a new era of autonomous infrastructure and security.

Prisma Access ADEM Capabilities

Prisma Access ADEM provides native end-to-end visibility and insights into the entire service delivery path. It provides customers with the following capabilities and benefits:

SASE Native Digital Experience Monitoring

  • Prisma Access ADEM enables organizations to understand user experience with deep contextual awareness of SASE connectivity. ADEM accomplishes this by integrating visibility from GlobalProtect clients and the Prisma Access cloud. This integrated approach results in superior visibility with operational simplicity— no need to manage a separate endpoint agent.

Segment-Wise Insights

  • Gives IT and network teams detailed performance insights into their deployed endpoint devices, WiFi, network paths, SASE connectivity, and applications. This speeds problem domain identification when users are having difficulties with their business-critical applications, and improves help desk productivity.

Comprehensive Visibility

  • ADEM offers intelligence from endpoint devices, synthetics, and real user traffic analysis in a single solution. This allows IT teams to reduce monitoring tool sprawl, reduce operational costs, and gain user experience, application performance and traffic utilization in a single view.

Palo Alto Networks SASE solution sets a new standard for network, security, and now user experience! To learn more about the ADEM capabilities in Prisma Access, join us on March 17 and 18 by registering for the Prisma Access 2.0 Virtual Launch Event.

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