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Know the risks to your organization, even if you don’t own the assets

Your attack surface extends to supply chain partners, third-party vendors and acquired companies. Control those risks and find the right stakeholders to quickly mitigate issues.


Centralize oversight of your organization’s attack surface risks by monitoring for vulnerabilities with supply chain partners and third-party vendors.

  • Traditional asset inventory is slow and error-prone

    Don’t assume third parties or acquired companies can provide an accurate picture of their security, including assets created on your behalf.

  • Attack surface reduction

    Adding partners or acquiring a company shouldn’t mean inheriting security risks. Control your attack surface and stop risks before they become headlines.

  • Supporting stakeholders

    Improve security by ensuring risky asset management is routed to the responsible stakeholder, whether in your organization or a third party.

Your partners = your risk

Your partners = your risk

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Most trusted external Attack Surface Management

Cortex Xpanse protects organizations by discovering risks on the internet that no one else can find, including security issues with third-party vendors and supply chain partners.
  • Build and maintain an internet asset system of record
  • Discover third-party risk before it affects you
  • Perform security due diligence on acquired companies before integrating
  • Find everything you own
    Find everything you own
  • A single source of truth
    A single source of truth
  • Extend to suppliers/third parties
    Extend to suppliers/third parties
  • Automated attribution
    Automated attribution
  • Automated remediation
    Automated remediation

Complete Attack Surface Management

An attacker view of your attack surface

Internal scans are only as effective as the assets inventory they review. Scanning from the outside-in ensures a complete view of all internet-connected assets that pose a risk to your organization, especially if they belong to someone else.

  • Don’t inherit risk through M&A

    Just as Xpanse can build a record of your assets, it can do the same for an acquired company.

  • Discover third-party exposures

    Xpanse Link finds the internet-connected assets owned by third-party vendors or supply chain partners that could put your organization at risk.

An outside-in view of your attack surface

Build an integrated attack surface program

Integrate ASM findings into security workflows to secure unknown and unmanaged risks. This can be achieved through integration of Cortex Xpanse, Cortex XSOAR, Prisma Cloud, and our broader portfolio.

  • Cortex Xpanse + Prisma Cloud

    Discover all your unsanctioned, unmanaged cloud assets and services with Cortex Xpanse while securing your unmanaged cloud with Prisma Cloud.

  • Cortex Xpanse + XSOAR

    Using Xpanse and XSOAR playbooks, automate routing of exposure notifications and remediation of unknown risks.

Build an integrated attack surface program

Kickstart your ASM plan

The average Cortex Xpanse customer discovers 35% more internet-connected assets than they were tracking previously. Get the Buyer’s Guide now.

Take control of your unmanaged cloud

Discover, evaluate and mitigate attack surface risks

XPANSE Dashboard
  • Expander - An attacker view of your attack surface

  • Link - Find risks from third-party and acquired companies

  • Assess - Get a point-in-time snapshot of your attack surface