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Kick-Start Your SecOps Automation

Introducing Cortex XSOAR® 8 for MSSPs.

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Security Operations Automation for Managed Security Services

Managed security service providers (MSSPs) face the same problems as any security operations team: disparate tools, siloed data sources and inconsistent processes. Working across different customers amplifies these challenges, inhibits growth and cuts into revenue margins for your business.

  • Myriad security tools and data sources

    Customers bring a variety of tools looking to get incorporated into managed services, making onboarding difficult and costly. Consequently, as onboarding time increases, so does time to revenue.

  • Ad hoc and manual processes

    Inconsistent and manual processes hinder the ability to scale the business without incurring high costs and results in uneven customer service delivery.

  • Personnel shortage and analyst churn

    Security analysts struggle with alert fatigue from the security tools they use, creating problems with churn due to unsatisfying and overwhelming workloads. MSSPs need to automate alert management to give analysts more time for high-value tasks.


Security Operations Automation for MSSPs

The industry’s most complete multitenant SOAR architecture scales and speeds up MSSP operations while ensuring ironclad security, high availability and privacy of customer data.

  • Reach peak productivity

    Playbook automation and orchestration help maximize margins by boosting analyst productivity and reducing costs.

  • Grow your business

    Easy point-and-click development of playbooks and processes expedites moves into high-margin services like managed detection and response (MDR).

  • Cut time to revenue

    Easily replicable automations, playbooks and extensive out-of-the-box (OOTB) integrations accelerate customer onboarding and facilitate new service offerings.

Reduce MTTR with workflow automation

Cortex XSOAR® codifies analyst actions across tools into visual, task-based workflows called playbooks. You can leverage hundreds of OOTB playbooks or build custom workflows using a visual drag-and-drop playbook editor. There’s a library of thousands of executable actions to address simple to complex use cases.

Streamline processes, reduce mean time to respond (MTTR) and free your analysts to focus on strategic tasks.

Leverage the industry’s largest SOAR ecosystem

Orchestrate actions with Cortex XSOAR by bringing together disparate tools in analyst workflows for incident enrichment, investigation and remediation.

Thousands of automations are powered by hundreds of product integrations across all types of security use cases, from phishing to incident response and threat hunting, to network and cloud security. Your analysts get a single view of all security events across your client ecosystem so they can identify and respond to threats faster.

In addition, you have access to the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace for hundreds of content packs that can help you jump-start your security automation services offerings, onboard new clients or offer new security services.

Simplify incident case management

For your MSSP’s pool of analysts, managing incidents from triage to investigation and response is now easier than ever. Any analyst working an incident on a customer’s behalf can quickly pinpoint where the incident is in the investigation and response process, so as not to miss or repeat crucial steps.

Collaborate and learn

Collaboration among MSSP analysts is key to effective incident management. Cortex XSOAR has built-in war rooms for each incident created, providing a shared workspace where security analysts can chat and conduct joint investigations. Any action taken by an automated playbook or human analyst is auto-documented. For global operations with multiple teams working in a follow-the-sun model, this provides a single source of truth and ensures everyone is on the same page for seamless incident handoffs.

Scalable Deployment

Cortex XSOAR is designed to be scalable so MSSPs can easily add or remove tenants as needed. This makes it a cost-effective solution for MSSPs that need to support a large number of customers. It is available as a SaaS solution or for on-premises deployments.

Easy Multitenant Management

Our multitenant architecture makes it easy for you to manage tenants. Each tenant can be configured with its own set of policies, playbooks, integrations, etc. You can customize XSOAR for each customer’s need to quickly onboard new clients, offer different levels of service and expand into additional management options.

Data Separation

Your analysts can access tenant incidents from the main account, while each tenant’s data is stored and encrypted in a separate Google Cloud project (for the SaaS solution) using its own symmetric encryption key. Extensive role-based access control (RBAC) provides granular control over customer data, ensuring ironclad security and privacy.

Custom Content Management (Dev-Prod/External CI/CD)

MSSP can use a content management system with a private content repository to develop and test content. By setting out this flow, MSSPs have flexibility and granular control over the content (playbooks, integrations, etc.) deployed at the end-customer tenants.