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The Healthcare CISO’s Guide to IoT Security


Protect Every Device with a 6-Step Approach to Clinical and Device Workflow Management


IoMT is changing healthcare. Although the demand for medical devices (IoMT) has escalated since the pandemic, even before its onslaught, IoT adoption in healthcare was on the rise. In fact, a Gartner survey analysis published in January 2020 found that 86% of responding healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) reported an IoT solution in place for most lines of business. Fast forward to now, Omdia has estimated that more than 250 million medical devices were introduced in the global market in 2020—with an additional 500 million expected to enter the market by 2025.

However, while IoMT is becoming the pulse of healthcare, security remains to be the greatest barrier to adoption. Healthcare delivery organizations (HDO) have become a target of strategic interest among cybercriminals for their valuable patient data making millions of medical devices connecting to HDO networks extremely vulnerable to attack. To make matters worse, none of the medical device security solutions offered today unearth a comprehensive end-to-end security strategy that covers all the bases required to protect every medical device in your network.

In this ebook we bring to you Palo Alto Networks’ approach to implementing secure clinical and device workflow management in six steps. These steps constitute our definition of an ideal methodology that relieves both network security and clinical teams from the day-to-day operational burdens of securing and managing medical devices.

With attack surfaces widening and attack vectors becoming more refined than ever before, now’s the time to define your medical device security with a new level of sophistication. Read our “The Healthcare CISO’s Guide to IoMT Security” to learn more.