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SASE Network Segmentation

Part of the SASE for Securing Private Applications reference architecture. This solution guide provides design and deployment guidance for configuring network segmentation policies in the branch of your Prisma SD-WAN environment.

Prisma SD-WAN provides next-generation, software-defined wide-area networking. It does so by using built-in Layer 7 intelligence, which provides application-aware networking while also monitoring for and mitigating jitter, latency, and packet loss. Prisma SD-WAN provides complete visibility into application health across all locations and collects granular, application-driven analytics that you can use for monitoring and troubleshooting. The Prisma SD-WAN devices include an embedded, application-aware ZBFW that enables you to enforce security policy rules within and across your remote sites. This allows you to secure traffic within your branch and secure the site-to-site traffic across the SD-WAN fabric.