Ransomware has evolved from a low-grade nuisance to a sophisticated multimillion-dollar criminal business that now targets both individuals and corporations. Read this whitepaper for specific recommendations to prevent ransomware in large organizations.

Reinventing Security Operations - Seminar

We believe automation powered by artificial intelligence is key to addressing challenges and advancing your security operations team. With more threat actors automating attacks and using low-cost computing to increase their attack volume, speed and accuracy — we must work smarter.   In our 90-minute event, you’ll learn how automation and machine learning can:   ●      Eliminate manual tasks by stitching together network, endpoint and cloud data ●      Accelerate investigation and response by reducing complexity ●      Reduce false positives in detection across data sources   Join our experts and learn how your SOC team can magnify their efforts past alert triage to hunting threats — letting technology do the repetitive chores and freeing your team to make decisions.

Montréal ,QC ,Canada
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How to Pick a Winner in EDR

The endpoint security marketplace is crowded with vendors claiming to have superior capabilities. Cutting through all the marketing and sales pitches to understand how these products perform isn’t easy. Luckily, The MITRE Corporation conducted an independent test of the detection and investigation capabilities of leading endpoint detection and response (EDR) products against real-world attack sequences. We’ll break down MITRE’s methodology, the results, and what it all means for your organization as you assess your current and future endpoint security toolkit.

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This event will bring leaders from the Federal Government and representatives from the cyber security technology industry together for a full-day of discussions around solutions available to the Federal Government for cyber defense. If you’re looking for the latest thought leadership and know-how in cloud security, network, security or endpoint security,  our Federal Government Cyber Defense Summit is the place to find it all. You'll walk away with the latest best practices, tips and strategies from industry experts and Palo Alto Networks® for safely enabling applications while preventing successful cyber breaches across your networks, endpoints, and private clouds.    Join us on Thursday Dec 5th 2019, at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa, to learn about the Art of the possible in cyber defense.   For more information on the event please visit the Event Microsite. Keynote: Rick Howard, Palo Alto Networks Chief Security Officer (CSO) oversees the company’s internal security program, leads the Threat Intelligence Team (Unit 42), directs the company’s efforts on the Cyber Threat Alliance Information Sharing non-profit, and hosts the Cybersecurity Canon Project. His prior jobs include TASC CISO, iDefense General Manager, Counterpane SOC Director, and Commander of the U.S. Army’s Computer Emergency Response Team. Rick holds a Master of Computer Science degree from the Naval Postgraduate School and an engineering degree from the US Military Academy. 

Ottawa ,ON ,Canada
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In this first session, we will be discussing the security framework and focusing on multi-cloud security - how to enable movement of workloads across multiple cloud environments without the need to change security platforms. This will take place on Tuesday, October 29th from 9 - 11 a.m. at the Softchoice Halifax office, 90 Lovett Lake Ct, 3rd floor (Bayers Lake). Breakfast will be provided and each attendee will receive a Jabra Speak 510 speakerphone.

Halifax ,NS ,Canada
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Organizations are moving to Google Cloud Platform to adopt a more rapid, iterative app development process that utilizes both virtualized and containerized workloads.   During this transition, ensuring protection from threats and data loss is a top concern for development and security teams alike.   Join Palo alto Networks and Google Cloud for an overview of containers, Kubernetes® and the tools available to help you securely adopt these technologies. You'll be able to test them in action during a hands-on workshop highlighting our joint offerings, where you'll get to: Deploy a containerized application using Kubernetes engine Employ a VM-Series NGFW to inspect/secure container traffic Use automation templates in Google Cloud Shell to deploy at scale   Seating is limited, so RSVP today to reserve your spot. We look forward to seeing you there!   Note: Participants will need to bring a phot ID and a laptop with an updated, HTML 5-compatitable browser.  

Kitchener ,ON ,Canada
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Executive summary: A more secure everywhere

The journey to the cloud is not a linear one, and organizations choose to migrate to the cloud in a multitude of ways and approaches. The resulting complexity is the enemy of security. In fact, according to ESG, “36% of organizations use between 24 to 49 different security products while 19% use more than 50 different products from an assortment of vendors.” All this noise only makes way for more security concerns such as integration issues, misconfigurations, and access control. To overcome this complexity and succeed in the cloud, organizations must demand security solutions that can quickly and effectively scale with changing business needs. Prisma by Palo Alto Networks is the industry’s most complete cloud security offering for today and tomorrow, providing unprecedented visibility into data, assets, and risks across the cloud and delivered with radical simplicity.

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