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Not All SASEs Are Created Equal. Meet AI-Powered Prisma SASE.

Learn how Prisma® SASE delivers all-new AI operations with ZTNA 2.0 security and integrated SD-WAN.

Prisma Access provides cloud-delivered ZTNA 2.0 with the best user experience, in a simple unified product

Find out how Prisma Access surpasses Zscaler to help secure all devices, all apps, all data, everywhere your employees work.

 Superior security protections with ZTNA

Superior security protection

Prisma Access is the only cloud-delivered security product that delivers ZTNA 2.0

  • Enables least-privilege access using App-ID at layer 7, with controls at the app, sub-app app function, and app activity levels—for any user, and any app, anywhere.

  • Continuously verifies user and application behavior across the network. It goes beyond monitoring with the ability to revoke access in real-time if suspicious behavior occurs.

  • Supports all of your apps, regardless of how the user connects, or whether the application is on-premises, in the public cloud, or SaaS-based.

  • Gain deep and ongoing traffic security inspection with single-pass traffic processing to inspect all threat types with ultra high-performance and low latency.

  • Get comprehensive visibility of data with consistent data protection policies across the entire enterprise.

Exceptional performance and user experience

Exceptional performance and user experience

Prisma Access is the only solution that guarantees 99.999% uptime, less than 10ms security processing, and SaaS performance SLAs.

  • Prisma Access is built in the cloud to secure at cloud scale, leveraging the largest cloud providers in the world to enable elastic scale and the highest performing multi-cloud network backbone.

  • Eliminates the “noisy neighbor” problem with a truly isolated data plane per tenant, while still providing multi-tenant management capabilities.

  • Integrated autonomous digital experience management that provides organizations segment-wise visibility and insights into the entire application delivery path.

Unified security product for all users, all apps and all data

Unified security product for all users, all apps, and all data

Prisma Access is a truly unified product, converging management, policy and data for all users and all apps across all capabilities including ZTNA, SWG, NG-CASB, FWaaS, DLP, and more.

  • Prisma Access has a single pane of glass to manage all capabilities, simplifying visibility and configuration that includes continuous, real-time security posture assessment.

  • Take advantage of a common policy framework to enforce consistent security and reduce data breach risks, regardless of how a user connects or what app they access.

  • Prisma Access leverages a shared data lake for complete context and intelligence, enabled by AI and ML to automatically remediate incidents and stop zero-day threats inline.


Compare Prisma Access to Zscaler

Prisma Access
Prisma Access
Securing all users and apps, all the time
  • Enables least privilege access by identifying applications based on App-IDs at Layer 7
  • Continuous trust verification for all applications that will revoke access if there are changes in device posture, user behavior, or app behavior.
  • Deep and ongoing inspection of all traffic, even for allowed connections to prevent all threats, including zero-day threats.
  • Provides data protection across private apps, SaaS apps and Internet-based apps with a single DLP policy.
  • Consistently secures all applications used across the enterprise, including modern, cloud-native apps, legacy private apps, and SaaS apps.
Secures the network, sometimes
  • Violates the principle of least privilege by treating applications as network constructs and only securing access at layer 3 and 4
  • Limited trust verification for private app traffic only; otherwise uses “allow and ignore” model that implicitly trusts all communication between users and all other apps after access is granted
  • Security inspection of only select app traffic while ignoring other traffic, allowing malware and other threats to freely propagate
  • Limited visibility and control of data, exposing the enterprise to the risk of data exfiltration from attackers or malicious insiders.
  • Only addresses a subset of private apps with inconsistent security for cloud-native and SaaS apps
Performance & User Experience
Prisma Access
No compromises to performance or end user experience
  • Industry-leading SLAs that guarantee 99.999% uptime, up to 10ms latency and the only cloud-delivered security solution with a SaaS performance SLA
  • A unique and dedicated data plane for each customer to ensure complete isolation and consistent high-performance.
  • SASE-native Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) that correlates performance metrics across all endpoints, networks, and applications for effective end-user experience management
Tradeoffs required among security, performance or user experience
  • 99.999% uptime SLA with less than 100ms latency and no SaaS performance SLA
  • Comingled customer data planes creating a “noisy neighbor” problem that can cause performance brownouts
  • Only provides endpoint visibility making it difficult for IT to identify and resolve end-user performance issues
Delivery & Management
Prisma Access
A unified security product with one management interface
  • A single product with a consolidated user interface to simplify management and configuration of all capabilities, plus real-time and continuous security posture assessment
  • A common policy framework to enforce consistent security regardless of how a user connects, or what app they are accessing
  • Leverages a shared data lake to gain complete context and intelligence across the service, enabling the application of AI and ML to automatically remediate incidents and to stop zero-day threats inline
Many security products managed with many screens
  • Multiple disjointed management consoles required to manage the security of different types of user connections and applications
  • Inconsistent policies across multiple products that require manual correlation
  • Scattered data and logs inhibit the ability to identify problems and automatically remediate incidents without additional 3rd party solutions

Protect your network, users and apps with Prisma Access

An Uncompromising Approach to Zero Trust

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See what ZTNA combined with the best user experience in a unified security product can do for your organization.
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