Optimize IT

Deliver a consistent and streamlined cybersecurity foundation for digital government.

Modernize your network security

Transform your IT environment for better security, higher performance and lower TCO.

  • Deliver consistent protection across your entire network – remote workforce, on premises, and public and private clouds.

  • Protect unmanaged IoT devices with machine learning–powered visibility, threat prevention and Zero Trust policy creation with enforcement – all in a single platform.

  • Take advantage of predictive analytics and industry-first protections to disrupt today’s most sophisticated DNS and web-based attacks.

Modernize your network security

Stop attacks with complete visibility and machine learning–based analytics

Overcome the hurdles in protecting your endpoints with AI-powered security that’s continually learning.

  • Get a complete picture of each attack lifecycle, including alerts, artifacts and MITRE tactics with incident management.

  • Block advanced malware, exploits and fileless attacks with our lightweight agent that stops threats with AI and cloud-based analysis.

  • Pinpoint evasive threats with patented machine learning to profile behavior and detect anomalies indicative of attack.

Stop attacks with complete visibility and machine learning–based analytics

Identify your global internet-facing assets continuously

Discover 35% more assets than you were tracking using manual inventory processes.

  • Get an outside-in view of your attack surface to catch assets and exposures you never knew existed.

  • Take a complete, accurate and continuously updated inventory of all global internet-facing assets, allowing you to discover, evaluate and mitigate cyberattack surface risks.

  • Stay ahead of your ransomware risk assessment by discovering and remediating remote desktop protocol exposures, the leading attack vector in ransomware attacks.

Identify your global internet-facing assets continuously

Build a world-class security operations center

Create a security operations function to monitor, prevent, detect, investigate and respond to cyberthreats around the clock.

  • Orchestrate and automate incident response workflows and processes across your environment.

  • Experience 90% faster resolution and 75% fewer incidents.

  • Detect and respond to threats anywhere in the organization.

  • Manage threat intelligence to make it actionable and relevant within your environment.

Stop attacks with complete visibility and machine learning–based analytics
The Statewide Next-Generation Security Operations Center: Defend Together
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