Your Cyber Resilience
Command Center

With 24/7 visibility and expert guidance, it streamlines incident response, optimizes retainer usage, and proactively manages cyber risk.
Unit 42 Arcade

Rapid Onboarding &

Streamlined Process: Quickly establish your organization's security profile within Arcade.

Hours, Not Days: Complete onboarding in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

1-Click IR Initiation: The fastest, easiest way to initiate an incident response with Unit 42® experts.

Rapid Onboarding & Activation

Management Made

24/7 Visibility: Track retainer credit balances, available services, and usage history.

Flexible Utilization: Apply credits to incident response, proactive services, or a combination.

Maximized Value: Experts tailor a strategic plan to maximize your retainer's value and security posture through standard or custom services.

Retainer Management

Shared Situational

Comprehensive Security Profile: Capture critical information about your infrastructure, systems, and processes.

Informed Incident Response: Equip Unit 42 with the knowledge to act swiftly and decisively.

Collaborative Roadmap: Ensure all parties are aligned on the next steps to optimize security outcomes.

Shared Situational Awareness

Go from reactive to proactive

Our consultants serve as your trusted advisors to assess and test your security controls against the right threats, transform your security strategy with an intelligence-informed approach and respond to incidents in record time.
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