Latest Technology Partner Program Enhancements

Aug 16, 2021
5 minutes

New Portal Serves an Expanding Technology Partner Program

Palo Alto Networks is proud to announce the launch of its new, interactive Technology Partner portal to provide an interactive and frictionless partner experience and provide customers with an easier way to find tech integrations.

The launch of the portal initiates a series of enhancements to the entire Technology Partner Program, which will happen over the course of the coming year, ranging from program enhancements, benefits, automation, as well as access to tools and resources aiding in the process of developing integrations with Palo Alto Networks.

Palo Alto Networks partners are driving the digital transformation in businesses across the globe, and our technology partners play an influential role in the adoption of Palo Alto Networks technology. Our goal is to enable automated, scalable, world-class network and cloud security for our customers and partners. The Technology Partner Program enhancements will allow us to reimagine how we enable technology partners, to address customers’ security pain points and to leverage the security assets they already have in place.

To realize this goal, we are launching a series of exciting and high-impact Technology Partner Program enhancements, starting with the launch of the brand new, interactive portal. The new portal gives Technology Partners easy access to information and tools that will enable them to more effectively engage with Palo Alto Networks, as well as enhance the overall customer experience.

Feature Highlights:

  • Technology Partner pages with detailed integration information
  • Improved Technology Partner directory
  • Enhanced product and integration search functionality
  • Streamlined Technology Partner application process and onboarding

"We are delighted to launch the new Palo Alto Networks Technology Partner portal,” said Tana Rosenblatt, vice president of Technology Partnerships for Palo Alto Networks. "This new portal is a big step to advancing our mission to be the partner of choice for customers.

A new partner directory makes it easy for our customers to find all of our Technology Partners and learn about our integrations in detail. More automation and features will make it easier for us to onboard new partners, help them manage their integrations, and it will be easier for partners to access learning tools and get answers to their questions. The new portal is just one of many technology partner program enhancements we’ll be making to ensure a frictionless experience for our partners, so stay tuned!"

Partners Praise Enhancements in Palo Alto Networks Technology Partner Program Portal

"As Palo Alto Networks’ Emerging Technology Partner, we are excited to be featured in the new technology partnership directory. The new directory allows us to easily share the details of our joint solution and make quick updates leveraging the self-service model,” said David Klebanov, head of product marketing at Alkira. “The intuitive navigation of the new technology partnership directory allows customers a quick access to the pertinent solution and integration details as they embark on the journey of building secure cloud networks with Palo Alto Networks and Alkira.

"The new Palo Alto Networks Technology Partner portal makes it so simple for customers to find an integration by product or to solve a particular problem," said Jules Martin, Vice President Ecosystem and Alliances at Mimecast. "The directory highlights that we really are a community, and technology companies need to work together to help our customers solve their ever-evolving security challenges."

“Nutanix and Palo Alto Networks have collaborated closely to bring together best-in-class security and HCI for customers who are deploying in the private cloud, as well as help secure their hybrid multicloud environment,” said Adrian Liu, Alliances Director, Networking and Security at Nutanix. “Our customers require a modern experience to easily access the resources needed to learn how to build their secure Nutanix environments. Palo Alto Networks new Technology Partner Program portal not only provides our customers a better experience in accessing this content, but also streamlines the process for partners like us in updating this content in a timely manner.”

"The new Palo Alto Networks Technology Partner Program portal is really easy to navigate," says Maureen Little, vice president, technology partners at Okta. "Okta's goal is to enable any company to use any technology, and the enhancements to the portal will make it so much easier for customers to explore and leverage the unique integrations Okta and Palo Alto Networks have built."

“We are excited to be part of the launch of the new Palo Alto Networks Partner Program portal. Tufin will benefit from the new administration interface that enables us to modify customer facing collateral quickly and presents a consolidated view of all the integrations in one space,” said Pamela Cyr, SVP, Business and Corporate Development at Tufin. “Our mutual customers and prospects will benefit from the easy to navigate and intuitive portal to learn about Palo Alto Networks Partner ecosystem that addresses various technology integration use cases.”

Upcoming Program Updates

The Palo Alto Networks Technology Partner team has been working relentlessly in the background to transform the program to benefit our Technology Partners and joint customers. We will be announcing further program enhancements in the Fall of 2021 at Palo Alto Networks Ignite and Partner Summit. Stay tuned to learn more!


Learn more about the Technology Partner Program in our brand new home page.

For Technology Partners who have any questions on benefits and requirements, please refer to our Program Guide or reach out to


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