Drive Towards Preventing Breaches and Pipeline Attacks with Prisma Cloud

Nov 14, 2023
4 minutes

In today’s dynamic software development landscape, the agility of engineers and their tools evolve at an unprecedented rate, calling for a paradigm shift in our security approach.

Modern developers prioritize moving fast, using a diverse range of tools and technologies to enhance and hasten their projects. But the fallout of continuously adapting their tooling to fit their needs and automate more deployment processes leaves security lagging, struggling to grasp the changes in their environment, let alone maintain a secure posture.

Adding to their concerns is the barrage of breach headlines, particularly those involving supply chain incidents. The fear of becoming the next CodeCov casualty weighs on security teams already confronting the unknown in their CI/CD pipelines.

Enabling Innovation While Improving Visibility and Security

Prisma Cloud understands today’s challenges. It’s designed, in fact, to seamlessly integrate into the development landscape to provide unmatched visibility, reliable security posture for pipelines, and developer-friendly code security. Organizations, in other words, gain an overarching umbrella of development security integrated into an intelligent code-to-cloud solution.

Visibility Amidst Chaos

Given the expanding arsenal of engineering tools, monitoring each one becomes an arduous task. The first step to securing this milieu involves identifying approved technologies, distinguishing new or unfamiliar ones, and determining which technologies fail to meet security standards.

Prisma Cloud grants organizations a comprehensive view of their tools, illuminating the use of sanctioned and unsanctioned technology. Beginning with repositories, Prisma Cloud helps you understand what type of code is in use and which repositories have pipelines to production. With this, you can understand the difference in security requirements of an application service and a script library.

Repositories showing an inventory of repositories with their users and technologies
Figure 1: Repositories showing an inventory of repositories with their users and technologies

Additionally, Prisma Cloud provides visibility into the tools integrated into your version control system and pipelines. This allows you to assess the risk of a vulnerable Jenkins plugin, identify your exposure to malicious executables like Codecov and comprehend the extent of specific packages like OpenSSL in your system.

Visibility into pipeline technologies
Figure 2: Visibility into pipeline technologies

Securing the Supply Chain

The nightmares of supply chain incidents are real. But with Prisma Cloud's CI/CD security coverage, organizations can bolster their defenses. By focusing on both the code and the pipeline, Prisma identifies ways to harden your pipelines.

Aligned with the OWASP Top 10 for CI/CD risks, Prisma Cloud identifies numerous risks to your pipelines. It also provides actionable guidance to harden your version control system and pipeline, securing credentials and code throughout the delivery pipeline.

CI/CD Risks mapped to the OWASP Top 10
Figure 3: CI/CD Risks mapped to the OWASP Top 10

Deep Understanding of the Interconnected Dynamics

Technologies and actors don’t work in isolation. This pivotal truth is why security needs to understand both the posture of each component and the risks of a connection between resources. The ability to arbitrarily run pipelines with new code poses a problem, which worsens if the process leads to the exfiltration of sensitive secrets. Prisma Cloud brings together all the technologies and actors on a repository into a graph to give you valuable insights into tools and users, as well as their interactions.

Application Graph displaying the interactions between tools and users on a repository
Figure 4: Application Graph displaying the interactions between tools and users on a repository

Developer-Friendly Experience

Perhaps the most significant pain point for engineers is the disconnect between security tools and developer environments. Prisma Cloud bridges this gap. By embedding directly into development workflows, developers receive feedback within their tools. This immediate response ensures secure-by-design code, reducing the post-development security fixes and associated delays.

IDE showing vulnerabilities and how to fix them in context
Figure 5: IDE showing vulnerabilities and how to fix them in context

A Future-Ready Security Approach

The future of security isn't about playing catch-up. It's about proactively securing the development environment and process. Amid rising threats and an evolving development ecosystem, it's necessary to maintain insights and control over all tools — while also enabling development teams to use the tools they need to deliver business value. Prisma Cloud provides visibility into your engineering ecosystem, as well as insights into how to create a secure development pipeline.

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