Made for Taiwan: New Palo Alto Networks Cloud Location Includes Cortex

Sep 07, 2023
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Palo Alto Networks is proud to announce a new cloud location in Taiwan, bringing Cortex XDR, Xpanse, XSOAR, and XSIAM to customers in the country. This is a testament to Palo Alto Networks’ commitment to serving Taiwanese customers, enabling them to strengthen their security posture by transforming their security operations.

The new cloud location will also support Cortex Data Lake, adding to the existing infrastructure already provisioning Prisma® Access for securing the hybrid workforce and Advanced Wildfire for cloud-based threat analysis and prevention.

With this launch, Taiwan-based organizations will be able to benefit from direct, low-latency access to Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex, while allowing storage of their logs within Taiwan's borders. SecOps teams and infrastructure managers are burdened with an overabundance of security technologies that are often difficult to integrate and operate.

Reducing latency ensures that your business-critical security infrastructure is immediately responsive, giving your security operations team a seamless user experience, minimizing fatigue, and supercharging their data-intensive tasks. While Cortex enables security teams to respond at speed, low latency allows them to work even faster, ensuring swift and decisive actions against emerging threats.

Moreover, adding to Prisma Access and Wildfire in the cloud location, this new infrastructure in Taiwan will facilitate the adoption of multiple Palo Alto Networks services, streamlining vendor consolidation. In a recent survey of 1,300 C-level executives, Palo Alto Networks reported that global organizations use an average of 32 security tools. Will the CISO or SOC leader be able to fit all the vendors in the same room and make them march to the same tune?

Simplifying security is the right choice if you want to unlock efficiencies and free up valuable resources: by reducing the number of cybersecurity providers your company uses, you will allow your business to streamline procurement, standardize policies, unify reporting, and save on substantial costs.

According to the 2023 Unit 42 Ransomware & Extortion Report, at least 75% of ransomware attacks and breaches investigated by Unit 42’s Incident Response team result from a common culprit: attack surface exposures. Recently, Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission adjusted the scope of cross-border outsourcing and cloud outsourcing, simplifying cloud adoption for financial companies. The financial industry is looking to the cloud to increase productivity, spawn new business models, and develop custom, agile applications. Nevertheless, with these new opportunities come several risks: if cybersecurity wants to be an enabler, it will need to catch up with the speed of the cloud.

At the same time, security leaders worldwide continue to experience many existential challenges caused by new areas of risk, including the adoption of new SaaS applications, digital transformation, and security gaps resulting from ever-changing supply chains and remote workers. Cortex from Palo Alto Networks is the security platform designed for the modern SOC.

With XSIAM, XDR, XSOAR and Xpanse now delivered locally from a Taiwan cloud location, customers in Taiwan will be able to extend their threat prevention, detection and response capabilities, operationalize threat intelligence, automate attack surface management, and embark on a journey toward an automation-first, AI-powered SOC. All this will be available directly from in-country cloud infrastructure for organizations in Taiwan, with Palo Alto Networks bringing global insights and analytics from over 85,000 global customers to their doorstep.

Palo Alto Networks understands that organizations in Taiwan prefer to have access to in-country cloud infrastructure to have more control over their data storage and governance. Any logs stored on or processed by Palo Alto Networks systems are secured with cutting-edge technologies, with Palo Alto Networks operating extensive operational and organizational security controls. Logs and information forwarded to a given regional data center will be kept in that region. You can download the XDR Privacy Datasheet, XSOAR Privacy Datasheet, and Xpanse Expander Privacy Datasheet for more information.

Investing in local cloud infrastructure is part of Palo Alto Networks’ continued commitment to customers around the world, wherever their data resides. For more information, read more about Palo Alto Networks' regional cloud locations.


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