10 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to the Cortex SecOps Blog

Aug 15, 2023
3 minutes

Our blogs are vetted and crafted by our well-versed teams, comprised of product managers, threat researchers, directors, and more, for a balanced narrative on defending and protecting the threat landscape—whether you’re a small business or established Fortune 500 enterprise.

We cover topics from rapid responses for zero day vulnerabilities, ransomware and phishing attacks, to our popular Playbook of the Week, all providing readers with how-to, practical advice to remediate and mitigate threats. Learn about ways you can protect your data and resources while reducing exposure to compromise.

And since Cortex is continually innovating, never resting on our proverbial laurels from our best-in-breed, industry-validated products, we include product updates that highlight new features and capabilities.

Threat actors never stop and neither will we.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few of the reasons why security practitioners and professionals could benefit from subscribing to our security operations blog which covers Cortex-related content:

1. Fresh security content! You’ll get the latest updates about our products and services.

2. Defy hackers with a secret weapon: Our SecOps blog. Gain access to threat intelligence and rapid response advice and protocols.

3. Build your general cybersecurity knowledge and awareness.

4. Stop scrolling into the abyss. Save time and get relevant security content directly in your inbox.

5. Don’t miss important announcements, event info, or product updates.

6. Stay current on the evolving threat landscape, vulnerabilities, and attack techniques. Understand the mindset of hackers without going to the dark side.

7. No fluff or filler. Our SecOps blog is a lean, mean cybersecurity machine. Learn best practices and expert insights for securing your digital way of life.

8. Gain professional development with valuable knowledge and perspectives.

9. Access expert analysis and research. Knowledge is power.

10. Be the hero your organization deserves: Stay diligent on cybersecurity trends and arm yourself with actionable content you can use against advanced threats.

About Cortex

Cortex by Palo Alto Networks has redefined solutions for security operations to help organizations achieve the modern SOC experience, by delivering the best-in-class threat detection, prevention, attack surface management and security automation in an integrated platform powered by machine-learning and Unit 42 threat intelligence.

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